Special Projects

Listed below are a few of the projects we've worked on over the last few years. These are representative of our capabilities.  We are always looking for additional interesting and challenging projects.

NEXRAD Weather Radar Upgrade

The National Weather Service is currently upgrading the NEXRAD radars to Dual-Polarization. Gigacom was selected to provide receiver and calibration components for this upgrade.  

.45 caliber Bullet Transmitter

A client needed a transmitter that could be fired by a .45 caliber gun. It was required to start transmitting upon firing and survive impact. The transmitter consisted of a stainless steel housing enclosing two hearing aid batteries and two pcb's.  One pcb held the X-Band transmitter and the other held a microprocessor and trigger circuitry.  The entire stainless steel housing was inserted into a plastic shell casing and filled with glue that allowed the transmitter to stick to whatever it hit and continue transmitting.  

Radar  Modulator

Another client needed a high power C-Band transmitter (350KW) for use at a Weather Radar site in an Asian Country.  No down time was allowed so a dual redundant system was used.  One transmitter was on while a second one was on hot standby with each rotating daily. Two additional transmitters were used as spares. 

FM/CW Radar

This low power FM/CW radar operated from 9.5 - 10.5 GHz and was used to measure fluid levels in shipboard tanks. Circuitry was included to linearize the transmitter over the 1 GHz operating range. The output of this module was an audio signal that was processed using DSP techniques to extract range information. It was required to operate in an intrinsically safe environment.

Automotive Backup Radar Sensor

This low power/low cost radar module operated at 10.5 GHz and used a diplexed doppler technique to detect range to an object. A wideband Vivaldi antenna was used on transmit and receive sections of this module. This radar was installed in the rear bumper of automobiles.

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