o   New Product Development

If you have an idea, let us help you turn it into a product. Tell us what you want and we will work with you to create schematics, PCB artwork and a Bill of Material.  

o   RF and Microwave Design

Custom RF designs up to 22 GHz. These designs typically include RF/microwave circuitry with embedded micro-controller, power supply (either linear or switching) and a housing.

  Printed Circuit Board Design

We use Altium Designer for Printed Circuit Board design. 

o   Power Supply Design

From low voltage/high current to high voltage/low current.

o   Micro-Controller Design

Programmed in C or Assembly Language. We have experience using TI, Atmel and Microchip micro-controllers.  

o   Environmental Testing

We have available a 27 cu foot environmental chamber.

o   Mechanical Packaging

We have extensive experience in packaging complex electronics that will survive High Shock/High Vibration environments.  

o   Commercial/Mil Spec Manufacturing

Through contacts with several local contract manufactures we are able to provide cost effective low to medium volume board assembly. 

o   Repair/Reverse Engineering

We specialize in repairing other manufactures equipment.  We can also reverse engineer/redesign an existing product to improve reliability and decrease material cost.

Gigacom, Inc.  
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